Ballot Image Publisher

Scanned ballot images show how voting machines record and interpret our votes. We believe they should be published as a normal part of election results.

Making ballot images public has four potential benefits:

  • Deterrence: Redundant security against fraud.
  • Accuracy: Visual detail to resolve close races.
  • Trust: Voter confidence in the ballot box.
  • Accountability: Public oversight of democracy.

That’s why we are collecting image sets of voted ballots and publishing them here—to demonstrate the power of this idea.

It is our hope that ballot images, combined with open-source software for interpreting and tabulating votes, can unlock a new era of independent election verification.

CREDIT:   Dominik  .

CREDIT: Dominik.



Open Election Initiative is collecting ballot image sets as a demonstration project. If you would like to help us expand the collection, please get in touch.




Columbia County, NY

Presidential Primary 2016